Make It Happen Money Challenge by Carly Michelle

Make It Happen Money Challenge

Are you where you want to be with money? Join me this free video training series. I challenge you to make it happen with money!

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Let's make it happen and get to where you want to go with money!

Do you constantly think, ‘I’m gonna do the dang thing,’ and finally get serious about investing for retirement, pay off debt, or stop living paycheck to paycheck! And promptly nothing happens. 

Not anymore! If you want to buy a house (even if you think it’s completely out of reach) or get rid of student loans (and they’re currently in deferment), then join me in this interactive challenge to make it happen with money to get the results you want with money! 

I believe you can get out of debt in 36 months or less, invest like a pro, have savings for a rainy day, or buy a home!

They made it happen! You can too.

Paid off $61,000 in 20 months.

“I was tired of being run by my money. I felt like I’d get paid and it’d all go to bills.” 
Jessica and Matthias
Paid off $45,054 in 28 months.

“It’s empowering, it really is empowering. I feel like I am just killing it! It is motivating, it’s exciting for me. I can’t wait until the next paycheck.” 

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